School Meals  – £2.50 / day from September 2022

Your child will be asked by their class teacher each morning what they are doing for their lunch on that day.  There is no longer any need to complete a dinner slip. 

We are trying very hard to be a cashless school so we no longer accept cash for lunches or school trips.  Payment should be made by cheque or using our new online system.  It is simple to use: 

Go to  and select New User.  Enter your email address and mobile telephone number.  They system will then send a PIN code to your phone and your account will be activated.  

Please ensure that you keep your child’s dinner money account in credit. 

You can find more information about Free School Meals for the East Riding website.

Spring / Summer 2023

School Meals Allergen Information 

Vegan – Spring-Summer 2023 Menu LBs

NGCI (Non-Gluten Containing ingredients) – Spring-Summer 2023 Menu LBs

Diabetic – Spring-Summer 2023 Metric

Dairy-Egg Free Inc Meat Westfield Spring Summer 2023

Dairy Free- Egg Free Including Meat –  Spring-Summer 2023 Menu LBs

Dairy Free – Spring-Summer 2023 Menu LBs

Additional Recipes For menu Changes

Vegetables-Potatoes and accompaniments Primary Menu Spring Summer 2023 LBs

Mains Primary Menu Spring Summer 2023 LBs

Desserts Primary Menu Spring Summer 2023 LBs