Westfield Primary School is situated in the NW of Cottingham close to the village centre in an area consisting of predominantly private housing. Westfield is the largest of the three Cottingham primary schools and is very popular. 

Due to the high volume of applications made to the Local Authority throughout the year for places at Westfield it is important to follow the admissions procedures provided by the Local Authority.  For those parents who wish to transfer their child from another school, they can submit applications at any time during the year. 

Those pupils due to start school in the September following their 4th birthday, the application process is open from October through to January.  We welcome all new parents to complete an expression of interest form in order that they may be sent an invitation to our Open Day.  

Expression of Interest Form 

All applications for places should be made via the East Riding  Local Authority and can be done either by contacting them by phone or via an application form on their website. 

Tel: 01482 393939 or via the internet at 

Privacy Notice